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The Federation of Family History Societies publishes three free information leaflets which are essential guides to family history research.

The first is 'Our Really Useful Information Leaflet'. It gives researchers with roots in the British Isles everything they need to know to grow their family tree.

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The second is 'Our Really Useful Australasian Information Leaflet'. This focuses on how to research your ancestors if you live in Australasia. It is particularly useful for those with British roots. It is also a great resource for UK family historians who may have had ancestors who went to Australasia, either because of forced transportation or due to emigration.

The third is the new 'Our Really Useful North American Information Leaflet', which is a guide for people living in the USA and Canada who have ancestry in the British Isles.

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All three leaflets list family history societies that can help you with your research, due to their specialist knowledge. If you have hit a brick wall in your research, they will be able to give you insights on how to progress, due to their genealogy expertise and knowledge of the resources available.

The links above allow you to download the leaflets in PDF format but you can also view the 2016 leaflets online at:

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