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The Executive Committee has transferred the responsibility for Projects to the FFHS Services Company, this is to allow the Services Company to operate freely in the market to maximize income from projects for our societies.
The long running National Burial Index (NBI) is an on-going project and responsibility for it has been transferred to the Services Company. For general enquiries on purchasing costs, distribution, discounts, please email or telephone 0151 645 2059.

FFHS Projects

At the December 2012 executive meeting Rob WHITE was appointed the Project Support Officer for FFHS. Rob has formerly worked on projects with The FFHS Services Company.

Rob’s role is to provide support to societies who are running or are looking to run projects.  He will also liaise with regional groups to see if there are regional projects that require our support.

With the anniversary of The Great War coming up fast, Rob will be looking to help societies who have plans for the period 2014 to 2018 as well as encouraging everyone to become involved in some way, no matter how small in the commemorations.

Rob will also work internally with the FFHS Education Officers to assess the need for a Projects Seminar

If any new projects emanating from within FFHS require assistance from societies or individuals, Rob will assist in the co-ordination of these projects.

Rob can be contacted on

The National Burial Index (NBI) for England and Wales

NBI logo

The National Burial Index (NBI) is a database of entries recorded in English and Welsh burials registers - parish, nonconformist, Roman Catholic, Quaker and cemetery.

Coverage is incomplete, but over 18.4 million records are included in the third edition, covering 1538-2008. The NBI also incorporates those records previously published of which many have since been checked and corrected.  Millions of these records will not be found on any website.

For detailed information of the project and coverage

To order a copy of The National Burial Index please visit FFHS Services Ltd.


Historically, the FFHS in conjunction with the Genealogical Society of Utah and The National Archives assisted in the production of a database of 30+ million names for the whole of Great Britain 1881 Census. Following publication on CD, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) made access to the data free on the LDS website and on other sites such as

A number of our member societies have made and continue to make available through an arrangement between the FFHS and data which they have transcribed. This data includes – Baptism, Marriage, burial and census records

We cannot stress how invaluable the work of our members is and the contribution they are making is to the benefit of family historians worldwide.

Currently, member societies are encouraged to participate or continue with the following projects:

  • National Burial Index on a county and national basis by submitting new and checked records for inclusion in the Third Edition. This is an ongoing project, for which member societies would appreciate donations of data or volunteers to assist with recording further records. (See listing of member societies)
  • Monumental Inscriptions transcription for all church & chapel yards, and public cemeteries on a county basis.
  • National Inventory of War Memorials (in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum) on a county basis. FFHS has donated a massive amount of information towards the 53,000 total of memorials (including personal names). Work is still in progress to record the remaining memorials and, where appropriate, to update and verify the existing information. See
  • Marriage Indexes on a county basis, particularly for the period 1754-1837

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