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Explore London in 1827

Greenwood's map

Like a picture, a map is worth a thousand words. Bath Spa University College hosts a map of early 19th-century London that shows the area built-up by 1827 as well as some of the adjoining countryside. Each street is named, along with the larger buildings and many other features. The map is at a scale of 8 inches to the mile and records the extent to which road frontages were developed. However, most houses were parts of terraces and do not appear as separate items.

The "Greenwood's Map of London 1827" website includes the whole map in miniature. From this you can select an area of interest and zoom in through three viewing sizes. It is easy to travel on to adjoining sheets. A list of place names linked to the relevant sheets is also provided. There is also a useful background article and links to other sites that deal with similar topics.

This resource is immensely useful for anyone with forebears who lived in London during the Georgian and Victorian eras and has already attracted over 400,000 visits.


Francis Howcutt
FFHS Archives Liaison

13 January 2017

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