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Somerset & Dorset Photographs Project

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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true with family photographs, which remind us of likenesses across the generations and add to the impact of the stories about our forebears.

The Somerset & Dorset Family History Society is setting up a searchable database of photographs of named people from those two counties. It aims to develop into a valuable resource giving people across the world opportunities to find images of their relatives. The collection focuses on pictures that meet these criteria:

  • The photographs must be of people born in, or who have lived in Somerset or Dorset.
  • Ideally no more than 3 images of one individual, for instance taken in youth, aged 20- 50, and 50 +.
  • At least one of the subjects needs to be identified by name.
  • A location and date, if only approximate, is desirable.

You  can read more about the project on the Society's website. Further details, includina selection of the images collected so far, can be seen in an account by Barbara Elsmore that appears on the Society's blog.

This imaginative project demonstrates the value of a family history society, with its local knowledge and contacts, in helping us to discover more about those who have gone before.

If any of your family come from that part of England or if you live in the area, it is well worth exploring the Somerset & Dorset FHS website to find out more about the Society's activities and how to enrol as a member.


Francis Howcutt
FFHS Archives Liaison

10 June 2016

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