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Searchable Tithe Project Completed

image of Tithe Map

Digitised tithe maps for England and Wales, and linked apportionment records, are now searchable on TheGenealogist.

Landowners were originally obliged to pay 'a tenth' tithe rent to the church, but eventually landowners also gained rights to the payments. These tithe maps were created between 1837 and the 1850s to survey land usage, ownership and occupation, as the Government wanted to establish the value of land holdings, so it could eventually abolish the tithe payment.

Over 50 counties are covered on TheGenealogist, from Anglesey to Yorkshire. This gives family historians the opportunity see where their ancestors lived and worked in the 19th Century. The work was carried out in association with the National Archives and partner archives. The maps link to over 14 million tithe apportionment records, revealing who owned the land and its occupiers.

You can search and view the maps and schedules on TheGenealogist. You can search for free but will need to pay to view records.

TheGenealogist is offering FFHS Newsletter readers £20 off a diamond subscription, as well as a free 12-month subscription to Discover Your Ancestors Online magazine.  You can also sign up for a free 2-week trial at TheGenealogist, or view the records for free at the relevant archive (phone first to check).

For more information on tithes, see the TNA’s comprehensive and useful guide.


Emma Waltham
FFHS Marketing Manager

15 January 2016

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