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FreeCEN Sussex 1861 now complete

The following was written by the FreeCEN Sussex 1861 and 1871 coordinators

We're pleased to announce that the FreeCEN transcription of the 1861 Sussex Census is now complete.  Our team of volunteers has been working hard over the last few years to make the information available for FREE, and it can now be searched via the FreeCEN website.

We hope that  many people will find it helpful.  The 1891 was finished a few months ago, and of course the 1881 has been available for some years thanks to the Latter Day Saints, so it's becoming increasingly realistic to find ancestors in Victorian Sussex without having to worry about subscriptions, credits or payments etc.

Meanwhile the volunteers are working hard on the 1871 Census.  New members of the team are always welcome, and this may be a way in which you could contribute to the world of Family Research. If you can use a spreadsheet and send emails that's all the skill you need. (The ability to read 19th Century handwriting is a help, too!)

If you're interested please get in touch...

Simon and Chris
FreeCEN Sussex 1861 and 1871 coordinators

If you follow the link above you will see:

The last piece was uploaded in September and went on line a few days ago.  Although the statistics page on the FreeCEN website tells you that only 98.6% of the Sussex population is covered, this is because one complete piece (601 - part of Brighton) is lost.  It never made it as far as the National Archives and will never (barring miracles) reveal its secrets to posterity.  There are also a few pages missing from other pieces so the total will never be complete.  We've asked the "bosses" at FreeCEN to adjust the figures and discount piece 601, so the magic figure of 100% may appear eventually.

Roger Lewry
FFHS Archives Liaison

3 October 2010

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