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The Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) is an educational charity. We support, inform and advise our membership, which consists of family history societies and similar bodies across the world.

To achieve our mission, we:

  • co-ordinate and assist the work of organisations interested in family history, genealogy and heraldry
  • foster co-operation and projects that help researchers
  • represent the interests of family historians, especially in the preservation and availability of archives

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Norfolk Registers Arrive Online

A treasure chest of information from the registers of numerous parishes in Norfolk has been launched on the FindMyPast website.

The scanned and indexed images of pages now available relate to over 4.6 million records, harvested from 546 parishes. The events recorded include:

Norwich Market
Norwich Market Place
  • Baptisms - 1,833,772
  • Marriages - 953,616
  • Banns - 451,354
  • Burials - 1,444,275

The collection ranges in date from the early 16th century to the early 20th century. However, details are not available from every parish for the whole of that timespan.

Norfolk is still a largely rural county from which vast numbers of people have migrated, overseas as well as to other places in England. So its parish registers will be of great help to researchers whose main focus so far is elsewhere, as well as to those already aware of their Norfolk heritage.

Dorset Family History Day

Dorset FHS banner

Open Days offer family historians great opportunities to follow their interests and meet fellow enthusiasts. If you have a friend or relation who might be interested in setting off on the ancestor trail, they can also be excellent occasions to introduce your local society and what it has to offer.

A date to watch out for is Saturday 12 March, when the Dorset Family History Society will host a day at Parkstone Grammar School, Poole. This event is suitable for veteran researchers and newcomers alike. A help desk will operate to help answer your questions about family history and a number of other family history societies and relevant organisations will be represented too.

More details appear on the Dorset Family History Day page.

Northamptonshire Records Online

view of Brixworth Church

Northamptonshire is well-known for its picturesque villages and historical churches, some of the latter such as Brixworth (pictured) being over 1,000 years old. It has recently become far easier for those with family connections in the county to discover more about their roots and to view good quality images of some of the most important original records.

Over 7 million Northamptonshire records drawn from parish registers and bishop's transcripts are available to consult on the Ancestry website. These massive collections include scanned images relating to baptisms, marriages and burials that took place between 1532 to 1912. Extensive indexes have been created so researchers can filter entries by criteria including name, event date, parish and details of the parents or spouse. The marriage registers from 1754 onwards are well-stocked with the signatures and marks of brides, grooms and witnesses. In some cases, the signatures of specific individuals can be found from even earlier dates.

Parish registers exist for varying periods from parish to parish, but a large proportion of those in the county extend back to earlier than 1600. The surviving bishops transcripts for the area start in 1706 and go a long way to help fill the gaps that affect some registers at various points in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Northamptonshire is situated in the middle of England and shares borders with no fewer than nine other counties. It has also supplied many of those who migrated to the London area over the centuries. Therefore, this new collection can also help us to identify the origins of many of our forebears who lived elsewhere in England.

An excellent opportunity for further discoveries in 2016!

A Host of Suffolk Baptisms

Bungay, Suffolk

Life has just got easier for those of us with ancestors from Suffolk. The parish register indexes on the FindMyPast collection have been augmented by a collection of over 747,000 records that has been compiled from the registers of 351 of the parishes in Suffolk. This covers the vast majority of parishes in the county. You can consult a full list of the parishes included in the index and the range of years for each one. Amongst the places included is Bungay (illustrated) where the index has gathered baptisms that took place between 1558 and 1900.

The Index records details of the name of the person baptised, their parents' names, baptism place and date. In some cases, additional information appears too.

Suffolk is a county from which many people have migrated over the years, to other places in England and overseas. So the Suffolk Baptism Index is of interest to researchers who now live in a wide range of places across the World.

The Index has been compiled by the Suffolk Family History Society and reflects an enormous amount of hard work by its volunteers. You can find more details on the Society's website about its activities and how you can become a member.

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